I was born in Lodi, California way back in 1956. I went to Lodi High School and then to
San Joaquin Delta College, majoring in Broadcasting.

My past employment includes: Technology Services Administrator for our area
Association of Realtors, spending 15 years at KJOY/KJAX in Stockton...working as
a talk show host, radio announcer (Top 40 and Light Rock), Music Director
 (nominated "Music Director of the Year" by Billboard Magazine), Program Director,
and finally Operations Manager.

I was a Legislative Assistant for the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors,
an instructor at San Joaquin Delta College and even owned my own Hot Air Balloon retail store.

I also did some radio announcing for KWIN...back in it's "easy listening" days, and for KWG.

"People USA" was a talk show I hosted/produced from 1976 - 1982.
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This is Corky.
He was part Corgy, part Terrier and part plant shredder.
He has his own homepage.
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The Radio Station I worked at off and on from 1978 - 1992.
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I collect Mickey Mouse/Disney memorabilia.
I even had my house remodeled with a Disney flair:


Hall Carpet


Dining Counter

Pub Area

Entry Carpet


Entry Doorknob

Pool Waterfall

Pool House

I also live for getting plenty of tanning time, sitting out by the pool with the dogs,
doing some traveling ( and watching movies on the Home Theater System.
My hobby is working with digital cameras...I have had about a dozen since the early 90's.
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Biography of Bill Bishofberger